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Nelson Research, inc. is a one person (plus an occasional few trusted associates) consultancy dedicated to solving difficult cross-discipline electrophysical, fluidic, electrochemical, mechanical, electromagnetic, electronic, thermal, electro-optical and ultrasonic design, measurement and analysis problems in a timely and cost effective manner for demanding technology development managers and project engineers.

Company Profile:

Craig E. Nelson, consultant engineer, has extensive, at the bench (real and virtual) experience developing practical hardware and informative Finite Element Analysis ( FEA - FEM ), using flexPDE and Comsol Multiphysics.

Examples of Design, Measurement and Analysis Work Done and Lessons Learned:

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Tools for Measuring & Testing of Materials, Devices and Systems

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Links to the Websites of Preferred Resources:

        Finite Element Analysis Software:

                flexPDE:              Multiphysics PDE Solver

        Part Fabrication:

                Siverson Design:     Machining and Molding

                NC Proto Design:                Machining and Molding

        Intellectual Property Protection:

                Thomas Loop:    Patent Attorney

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